July Status Update

Six Age has a lot of art, and it’s almost all complete. I just sent out the final assignment today. We may still do a little reworking of illustrations and UI assets, but technically what’s there now could ship.

The music is in similar shape. We’ve been trying to track down some bugs (are they in the underlying engine? my code? the music itself? the operating system?).

QA is still pushing to get all scenes and events exhaustively tested. Bugs range from typos, to logic flaws, to “after a failed, interrupted cattle raid, the news after a heroic combat doesn’t show up at the right time.” (That’s not quite how it was reported, it took much of a day to figure out the first part.)

We’re also playing the game. It’s quite possible to win and to lose. Unlike when we did KoDP, I’m capturing data so I can see what went wrong (or right) — a recent loss was an event that turned out to be much harsher than we expected. There’s a lot of randomness in the game, but I’m trying to tune it so one unlucky break (or one bad decision) won’t sink you.

Not yet. Sorry to interrupt, but I know you were going to ask if you could beta test. There are still a few last features I want to get finished. (In theory I could drop difficulty level, but it’s on the list to go in.) And there is no point sending it out with known bugs. At some point we will be looking for outside testers, but it will still be a while.

Author: David

Creator of Six Ages and King of Dragon Pass

4 thoughts on “July Status Update”

  1. Progress is being made, that’s good to read. I was kind of hoping to play (or beta test) on my summer holiday, but following a blog like this can make a person impatient.

    I guess the end game is fully developed by now? Hope it has a diversity of endings. That would certainly make my day.

    Good luck finishing up!

    1. “Hope it has a diversity of endings.”

      I think this has been somewhat addressed in comments on previous posts.

      1. Hi Jan,

        While it has been adressed by Stephen Tan Cheng Keat and myself in the comments on the “Difficulty-setting”-post, David responded that it had their concern. I was just trying to get a bit more of the veil lifted now that the game is being finished, … and if possible give a little nudge in the right direction.

        I admire you for seeing this ambitious project through, David. Do you combine this with your job at Shenandoah studios, or is A sharp (thus Six Ages) your full job at the moment?

  2. super excited for this game, glad to hear you guys are in the final sprints to get things up and running! I was a huge fan of KODP and im pumped to finally get another game set in the excellent setting of Glorantha!

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